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Love Letham Phase 1 

Love Letham is bringing people together to develop a plan to make Letham the best place it can be for children and young people to grow up in.


The pioneering project is supporting children, young people, families, the wider community and organisations like Perth & Kinross Council to work together to create a shared local vision of what children and young people need to flourish, as well as a plan to deliver it. 


By bringing children and communities together with decision makers we’ll create a shared roadmap that captures what matters most to people. 


This innovative programme is part of a growing movement of people, organisations and businesses across Scotland who are trying to build a Wellbeing Economy. Working together we can think through what we all need to live good lives on a healthy planet and redirect our institutions, policy and practice to work in service of our collective wellbeing.

How we'll get there


Children and young people will share
what wellbeing
means to them

We’ll explore what areas of life are important for current and future wellbeing using a range of creative age appropriate formats with as many children, young people and families as possible. We are especially keen to reach those whose voices are less often heard in policy conversations.


We’ll recruit a diverse Commission of children, young people, and decision makers

The Love Letham Commission will bring together residents, children, young people and key professionals from institutions such as the Council. A group of younger children will meet separately so the sessions are appropriate to their age.


The Commission will develop a shared vision and make recommendations

The Commission will analyse the data that’s emerged from the exercises and conversations in the community and discuss recurring themes. They will use this to create a shared local vision for making Letham the best place it can be for children to grow up in, identify priorities and make recommendations.

Who's behind the project?

Love Letham is a collaboration between the Wellbeing Economy Alliance Scotland and Perth & Kinross Council. It is in keeping with the Perth & Kinross Offer - the Council’s commitment to draw on the strengths and assets of individuals and communities and work together so everyone in Perth and Kinross can live life well.

The project is supported by Northern Star and is funded by the Cattanach Trust, Partners for a New Economy and Robert Bosch Foundation.

This pioneering project is working alongside similar pilots in California, Canada and New Zealand. All of these initiatives are implementing the Wellbeing Economy Alliance's Policy Design Guide which helps people think through how to create transformative policies with the full participation of citizens. It is also informed by the report by WEAll's Dr Katherine Trebeck on Building Budgets for Children’s Wellbeing.

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