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Letham’s children share what they need to grow up well

Children from Letham’s three primary schools recently came together to share their vision of what children and young people need to thrive. They were joined by members of the Inbetweeners Youth Group who shared their priorities. These presentations to the leader of Perth & Kinross Council and an all-ages group of residents were the culmination of months of deliberation about what’s working for children and what needs to change.

Love Letham is a project set up by the Wellbeing Economy Alliance Scotland - who are working to change the way people with power make decisions so they are led by what communities want and need for their long-term wellbeing - and Perth & Kinross Council.

By bringing children and adults from the community together with decision makers Love Letham will create a shared roadmap for change that’s based on what really matters to people. The project started late last year by gathering opinions from hundreds of children, young people and families in the community about what wellbeing means to them and what they need to grow up well in Letham. Then we recruited a group of young people and adults including senior decision makers at the council, parents, Councillors and representatives from the NHS and Letham4All to act as Love Letham Commissioners. The Commission has been exploring what emerged from the conversations in the community and identifying common themes. At the same time, each of the three primary schools and the Inbetweeners have been looking at this information and working on their own vision.

Love Letham is building on the huge strengths of the community. Many people have shared how much they love living in Letham. One adult Commissioner shared that she moved to Letham when she was made homeless. It was a challenging time but she was made to feel at home here more than anywhere else she’d been.

Throughout the process, all the adults involved have been blown away by the compassion and vision in what the children have shared. They want Letham to be a safe place where everyone has a safe secure home, access to healthcare and opportunities to play, enjoy nature and take part in fun activities.

This statement from one of the children’s Commissioners puts it well;

I’d like to see a clean, happy environment. The sight of children laughing and having fun. A local café and shops. I’d hear people having a good time and being sociable. The sound of people at a dance club and other activities. Happy kind people being nice. That’s how I’d like Letham to be.

What’s next?

Now the adults and young’s people’s Commission will reflect on what they’ve heard and start to develop a plan to put this into action. At the same time, Perth & Kinross Council are looking at the way decisions are made so what comes from the Commission will lead to changes for Letham’s children. At the end of the year we’ll have a report and there will be lots of opportunities to get involved before then.

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